ECU remapping tools and dyno tested tuning files for over 6000 vehicles

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Contact us today to learn how to chip tune cars, bikes, trucks, boats and tractors
  • We can provide you with wide variety of OBD and Tri-core tuning tools.
  • All our files are dyno tested and can be customised at your request.
  • We provide all the tuning training that you require.

Recieve €200 discount and only pay €299 for our test tool when signing up to become a dealer.

Our test tool is programmed to test one car, This will allow you the opportunity to test our services at a low cost and at low risk.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy, you can return the tool and we will offer you a money back guarantee.

Upgrade to the KESS after purchasing a hand held unit you recieve 2 free files to value of €300.

Thanks Tuned2Race, my Ford Ranger Wild Track has a lot more power and my fuel consumption makes me smile.

Clinton EllisFord
Ranger Wild Track

The best service and performance you could get.!! T2R paarl you rock!! Im one very happy costumer.!!

Hilton Jnr Slamet

Great service and performance is better than before.

Saschia Pretorius


So I have the tool what now?

Depending on your tuning experience we will assist you with all the training that you require to use the tools that you bought from us via Skype, TeamViewer, Emails and Whatapp.

Once we have trained you, you will be able to start reading and writing software to the car. Once you have read the file you can email it to us and our team will send you a modified file back in 15min – 45 min, depending on how busy we are. You can then write the file to the car and test the car for jerking etc. If any changes are required, just email us the logs and we will adjust the file accordingly.

I want to create my own file. How does it work?

There are two types of tools. Master and slave tools. Masters create their own files and slave get their files from their masters. Master tools are normally 3 times the price of slave tools. So the first step would be to buy a Master and then receive training. Some companies will tell you that they can train you and after 3 days you will be able to develop your own files. In order to create a file you will have to fully understand how a engine works, the different types of fuels, the effect modified parts have on the engine etc. This training will be in excess of 3 days.

Leave the creating of the files to our engineers who have years of experience and tell them what you require. They understand all of the above and you can be assured that the changes they made won’t damage the engine. If you want them to make specific changes discuss it with them, and they will tell you why it can or can’t be done.

How does the training work?

Depending on your tuning experience we will assist you with all the training that you require to use the tools that you bought from us via Skype, TeamViewer, Emails and WhatsApp.

Our engineers can take control of your PC and help you do your first car. If you decide to buy the K-Tag you will have to know how to solder or go for a soldering course. Our team will be able to provide you with information on soldering training

What do I require to start and what is the cost? 

All our tuning tools are supplied by external companies. Depending on your budget our team will suggest the possible solution for you. Our tools start at 999 Euro and go all the way to over 5000 Euro. All our tools are original tools and not Chinese copies. Chinese copied tools can damage the ECU and you won’t have any support to recover the ECU. The most common way to spot a clone tool is if it is not allowed to connect to the internet.

One of the most well known tool companies in the industry Alientech, which can be download here, will give you a good idea of the cars that this particular tool can do.

We do offer a test tool for 299 Euro so that you can test our tuning files. If you proceed to buy one of our tools we will give you 2 free tuning files valued at over 300 Euros and we will provide you with a free modified file to use with the test tool.

What is the cost per car that I tune?

We will charge you per car that you tune. If you buy a file from us, our engineers will modify the file till you are 100% happy with the end result.

We are not striving to provide you with the cheapest possible files, we are striving to provide you with the best custom software that is available. If you remap a car you should always make between 3 and 6 times the prices that you paid for the file.

What will I be able to offer my clients?

T2R offer the following for Cars, Bikes, Trucks and Agricultural Vehicles

  • Performance Tuning Stage 1, 2 and 3
  • Economy tuning
  • Launch Control
  • EGR Removal
  • DPF Removal